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How to order a performance

  1. Preliminary meeting:

    Discuss with the client the objectives and the type of audience, and file a preliminary offer of service.

  2. Filing a detailed service proposal

    If the client wishes, a second meeting to assess the needs, recommend the most appropriate type of intervention to file a report in the form of a detailed service proposal in which we include the general scenario, the time limits for the production and practical details relating to the various steps of the project.  Consultation fees

  3. Signature of an agreement:

    When the client has approved this offer, an agreement will be signed. It is only after the completion of this agreement that the author begins working on the text, usually after having collected anecdotes and obtained more information about the client’s chosen topic.

  4. Submission of a text for approval:

    Once the writing stage is completed, the author will present the text to the client and together they will discuss the amendments or modifications required.

  5. Production and execution of the intervention:

    As soon as the client has approved the text, the actors begin their work. The rehearsals are carried out so as to produce a quality show that will meet the client’s expectations.

Cost of industrial theater

Regarding our costing policy, it is impossible for us to provide a grid of fixed rates because of the many factors that come into play. The price of a performance depends on it’s length, the number of actors, the time needed for rehearsals and many other determinants