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Main themes addressed

  • Professional burnout
  • Balance between work and family
  • Generational conflicts in the workplace
  • The integration and retention of new employees
  • Equity in the workplace
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Leadership
  • Employee assistance services
  • Psychological harassment
  • Racial discrimination
  • Health and healthy lifestyle choices


A sense of belonging

Large organizations, public or private, are facing challenges like the quality of work life, the integration and retention of new employees and intergenerational conflicts.

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Double Standard

Racial and religious discrimination can have dramatic effects on getting a university diploma.

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Welcoming, Integrating and Retaining Employees

Hiring new employees is a significant investment of time and money for businesses and government agencies.

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The Residence

When individuals find themselves in subsidized housing, they must agree to abide by the rules of common life, to be held accountable and to give themselves the means to improve their situation.

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Aging in the Pavilion

Three short plays about the impact of aging employees in an organization, as well as about the clients they serve and the caregivers who look after them.

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Employment Equity

An American speaker comes to explain the steps taken by her country to ensure equity within the public workforce.

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Riding the Wave:

Riding the wave or the surfing technique that is applied to women who try to reconcile their personal and professional lives.

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My Friend Yasmina:

Yasmina is a 9 years old girl from Eastern Europe. She is discovering a new country, a new school...

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Ordinary Abusers

This play aims to present the testimony of two abusers, one who terrorizes his family at home and the other in the workplace.

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Burn Out Blues

Occupational burnout is a problem that is becoming more common in many organizations.

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Where Am I Going?

The dropout phenomenon is an increasingly important social issue. This theatre-style forum aims to increase awareness of high school students to the reasons that lead to dropout.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Several major public organizations will see many of their employees retire in the next few years...

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Give Yourself a Chance!

Three situations where the employees of a Department are encouraged to discover the assistance services that will allow them to overcome their personal or working relationship problems.

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Choosing the Best (The challenge of recruitment)

This play illustrates a situation where the hiring managers must consider both the objective and subjective criteria that are part of the candidate’s evaluation, but also the need to create an inclusive workplace, representational of the diversity of our society.

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